Sunday, September 12, 2010

Solutions Monday: Lego—My Sanity!

We have a Lego problem in my house. And by “we,” I mean my husband. He has very fond memories of his childhood obsession love of his Legos, and I have the tubs of his beloved bricks, just waiting in the garage for our boys to be big enough for them to play with, to prove it. For now we are a Duplo family, and we have amassed what I think is a completely outrageous amount of them—he’s been placed on Lego Time-Out!

I remind myself every time I step on one of those swear wince inducing suckers, that at least they aren’t the small sized variety, microscopically embedded in my aching foot. But Legos are one of the most pernicious of the love/hate toys for me. My son can happily play with them for a blessedly good chunk of his regularly highly distractible pre-schooler attention span, but they get everywhere, and cleanup takes forever, if I don’t think strategically (hello former life in management, I've still got it on occasion).

I will tell you that the best advice my mother-in-law has given me thus far was obviously hard won during her years weathering my husband’s young obsession, and is, as most good solutions are, beautifully simple: a sheet. The rule in this house is that my Legomaniac can dump out every single Lego block to his heart’s content, as long as it stays on the sheet.

That makes clean-up go from this:

To this, in about ONE minute:

Another instance of brilliance survival instinct I’ve had is to save the flaps on the Lego boxes, so when my little builder simply MUST have the fire station rebuilt exactly to specifications (again), I have something to go on. Now he can also use these pictures to inform me I’m missing a critical piece that MUST be found as a guide for himself:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Legos; I get a kick out of what the kids and the husband come up with:

As long as it stays on the sheet...

Do you have any brilliant Lego management techiques? Do share!

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RawRose said...

My home is a Lego home as well. We moved the thousands of them into my son's room. The Legos are to stay in his room except to show me his newest masterpiece. About once a week, I can't take stepping on them to put laundry away and they have to get cleaned up. But for the rest of the week, I simply shut the bedroom door and pretend I don't know that the floor is COVERED in little itty bitty Lego pieces!
As for clean up. Blake has a dust pan that he uses to scoop up the Legos and dump in the tubs. Makes for a quicker clean up.

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