Monday, April 19, 2010

TV is a Cinch, Twitter...That's Gonna Hurt a Bit: Teching Down and Tuning Into the Outdoors

If you follow me on Twitter, you know this is going to be a hard one for me, but as a mom and beginning homeschooler (for now anyway or my husband will start to have heart palpitations) I thought this "experiment" was a perfect way to really kickoff my journey into homeschooling. This week I shall be "down-teching" (at least during the day, I was too big a wuss to completely jettison my tech). We shall be getting outdoors, as well as exploring some interests connected with the letter "O," the Circle shape, and, you guessed it, the color Orange. I chose these because my 3 yr old seems to really "get" these right now, so we will start with having fun with something he is fairly comfortable with and interested in and ease our way in. I'm also looking forward to the outdoor activities in the nature journal. Want to join us? Please feel free to share what you are doing!

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Laurie Wallin said...

This is such a tough one, but I feel like I need some boundaries here too. You've inspired me to be more intentional in what I do away from the computer as well as how much time I spend on it.

I enjoyed your article on Christian momlogic the other day as well. Thanks for your posts!

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