Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Women's Emergency: Global Warming, Forced Sterilization, and They Took Away The G Spot?

A few news stories have caught my attention in the last few days:

1. Gender equity, specifically how women are treated, is closely linked with the effectiveness of efforts to control climate change according to an essay in The Jakarta Post. Evidently we're also most affected by climate change, and when a natural disaster strikes, women are more vulnerable. In the developed world, we usually control household decisions, and hold increased influence over strategies to combat climate change.

2. A woman, who has nine natural children claims that she was sterilized without her consent while undergoing a cesarean section in 2006, and is suing for damages. The story is complicated with some fishy details on both sides of the suit; the hospital contends that record of her consent can not be found in its records--not that it didn't happen, just that it could not be found. Also, there are some questions surrounding the woman, as she has previously filed suit and settled over being sold expired spermicide. She contends that even though people may not agree with her life and choices, she still has the right to decide on her own reproductive destiny.


3. A British medical journal claims that the female "G spot" is a modern myth. The study presented was conducted with several pairs of identical and fraternal twins and involved asking them if they had the notoriously difficult for men to find G spot, and the study's authors claim that because the majority of the search set reported not having one (even if their twin reported that they did), it just must not exist.

No clever observations on these stories, except to observe that if found to be true that the woman was effectively sterilized against her will, strikes me as a fundamental issue of freedom of choice, and should be treated as such, irregardless of her life circumstances. Kind of an interesting twist on the right to life/freedom of choice debate don't you think? And I've heard that sex is in a woman's head, but we are all under the influence of a massive delusion? Hmmm. And I have to grouse a little we've got the weight of climate change on our shoulders to?

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