Saturday, January 9, 2010

Support Means A Little More Than Your Bra Color

Unless you engage in little or no social media, you are no doubt aware of the bra color breast cancer awareness meme circulating. In theory the cute, indeed attention grabbing antic, serves it's purpose and gets people talking in great numbers very quickly about an important topic. Seemed like a good idea to me, and I shared. But what innocently gets forgotten is its effect upon those that have suffered, or struggle to survive the very thing that you are trying to raise awareness about. You see, by drawing attention to the bra, you are also drawing painful attention for those who have, or have survived, breast cancer to the one symbol of their femininity that many of them no longer have. This dimension was eloquently written about by a blogger, Susan Niebur, aka WhyMommy, here, and definitely deserves a read. I say, share on, and be grateful you are able to. But also have a thought for the breast cancer survivor who can not, and maybe do something out of awareness of that.

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