Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti, Medicating Toddlers, And Choosing a Mate Based on Autism Risk: Random Relevant News

News bits that peaked my interest, and seriously clogged my open desktop windows recently:
  • The tragedy in Haiti is dominating news, and I've been following the efforts to help the BRESMA orphanage. There were several adoptions in progress for this orphanage and others, and distraught adoptive parents are intently trying to find any way to get to and help their children.
  • A four year old medicated, and who allegedly died from an overdose! The trial for the parents is just getting under way. I have a longer post brewing on this one coming.
  • A GREAT WSJ article about thinking outside the traditional office box, and embracing the office babyboom.
  • I see where he's coming from, but not sure that I agree with Gever Tully about his "5 Dangerous Things for Kids," but certainly food for thought.
  • School pressure mania is starting to seep into my household as my son approaches three. It's all to easy to buy into the anxious worry that your child will not be prepared. And, it's insane that this worry starts virtually in the womb. A well done post on the "Importance of Simple Play" that I think most parents need to hear.
  • Autism clusters in Northern CA. Increasingly research is seeing some perhaps causal link with autism and highly educated parents, but is it a true biological link, or more of a commentary about informed and tenacious parents who get their kids recognized on the spectrum?
  • Lots and lots of problems in CA education system. Yet more legislative effort is afoot.
  • Hot topic: "when a surrogate mom asks for her babies back"
  • If you have heard about the elementary school boy in Texas who is getting hassled for having "too long hair," head over to this blog that said it better than I can at the moment.
  • This one might make you choke on your coffee, but evidently "parenting actually REDUCES your blood pressure."
  • Ever heard the expression, "you have to have a license to drive a car, but any old (bleep) can have a kid?" Sad but all to true, and honestly the driver's exam (at least in CA/US by international standards) is pretty lax, but I think it is worth thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, parenting is worthy of continuing education. On this front, an interesting FREE program is being offered : "Positive Parenting Solutions Announces Free Online Training for Parents"

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