Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where Oh Where Has Relevant Mom Been?

Greetings! So sorry to leave you in the void this last month, and what a month! 

Where have I been? Well, once I recovered finally from my first ever sinus infection, which I sincerely hope never to repeat again, I've been processing some changes lately. Pregnancy I am happy to report is going fine, and we expect another little boy in our household later this summer, but it's taken some adjustments to acknowledge my changing circumstances, forcing some valuable reassessment. My son has also virtually exploded in his development, making him a much more complex and entertaining critter, and I'm adjusting to his increased need for "input." Additionally, the death of a friend in my circle who took her own life really took some time to process through, also forcing some personal reevaluation. 

All of this has been positive for me, but what does it mean for you?

While I haven't been posting here last month, I have been continually monitoring the news as usual, but have been spending a lot of time posting this info on Twitter. The short burst nature of the format has been well suited to sharing the information I come across daily. What this means is that my intentions are shifting for Relevant Mom. I will continue to share news and links I come across, but I will focus here more on delving into particular issues and commentary, hopefully inspiring your commentary as well. I have appreciated the people that have taken the time to give feedback, and hope to expand this with great content inspired by all of the great thinking moms who are kind enough to visit and contribute. You can still get all the great tips and links by following me on Twitter (@RelevantMom), and I have included a feed on the sidebar to give you a quick update of what I have posted recently.

Looking forward to getting the conversation back into gear!

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