Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Throwing Eight Babies Out with the Backlash: Relevant Controversy

Here comes the moralizing mob. Sure, there are some pretty fishy elements to the whole octuplet plus six drama currently dominating the media. I to am outraged that SOMEONE (parents, friends, doctors) didn't intervene at some point in the whole thing (and I mean back when she was intentionally adding to her family steadily, despite being a single divorced mom with reduced circumstances). Where was the whole indignant community, the family then? Actually strike that, where was the community, indignant or otherwise, period who could see a woman who so desperately wanted to construct a family, that she did so despite some cold hard facts. She's hardly the first to try it, but she definitely got more than she bargained for to be sure.

As usual, the mob is a little late, and now they want a head on the proverbial stake. Baby product companies won't touch her, as she is fast becoming a media leper. There are actual mentions of possible boycotts of companies that do. Are you kidding me? It doesn't matter how it happened at this point, except as a cautionary and instructive tale which will motivate some reform and accountability in the fertility system

What matters now are those CHILDREN. They didn't ask for this, and people on their high horse who want them to suffer for the actions of their mother are just dead wrong. I don't like it either, but she didn't get into this all by herself, and the mob needs to own up to the fact that like it or not, those children are our responsibility as well now. Justice has its place, and needs to come to bear to avoid future issues, but a bigger dose of grace and mercy are in order here I think to little ones who are powerless in this world.

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****UPDATE: Now Ms. Suleman is giving her side of the story, and the questions keep rolling in. There is definitely a familial element that is troubling and sad actually. Her mother granted an interview to Radar Online, and her comments about her daughter were not particularly supportive. This situation makes me profoundly concerned for the children caught up in it.


growingupartists said...

Reduced circumstances, that's a pretty interesting way to put it. Love the action on here today, btw. Totally happenin'!

growingupartists said...

Nice title, too! Glad someone's advocating for this important family!!!

Margie said...

What should matter are the babies!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I completely agree with you. Yes the situation is disturbing but the time to be outraged was long ago and now those poor babies need someone looking out for them!

Palymama said...

As I understand it, Ms. Suleman's mother and the father of the children (sperm donor) actually DID go to the doctor's office and asked him NOT to transfer anymore embryos.It begs the question about the ethics of the doctor. Even WITHOUT those key people making their requests, his own vetting process (the doctor's) should have raised a million red flags. Ironic then, that HE is the only doctor in all of this that has been paid cash. What a mess and what an unethical doctor.

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