Friday, February 13, 2009

Love and Marriage Makes the World Go Round: Relevant Relationships

In honor of Valentine's Day, welcome to the couples edition of Relevant Mom!

Marriage had been on my mind alot lately. Probably because it is a central topic of conversation in my circle of friends, in my place of worship, and as opportunity would have it, in the news as well. How does a couple sustain a relationship over the long term, and why is it important? My pastor recently pointed out that in biblical terms, marriage is the fundamental building block of civilizations (no pressure there), and that when it erodes it has a cumulative domino effect through all aspects of civilization as well (really, no pressure). 

Marriage and children add a whole new level of complexity, but at its core is still the marriage that is the central structure and template. In order to sustain over the long term (with implications for societies as well) the contention is that it must remain central, even above the children that are born from the union. And certainly before the personal ambitions and aspirations of the individual parties.

Ah, so now we get down to it. This is most definitely easier said than done. Add to that the natural differences in the wants and needs of the two partners, and let's just say it is an act of will to keep this fundamental covenant. But when this central understanding of the place of marriage in the scheme of things is kept vital, all the relationships, familial and civic that radiate out from it, are reaffirmed and strengthened.

So when you grumble perhaps this Valentine's Day over the commercialization and schmaltziness, recognize that at its core you are supporting the relationships that literally make the world go round.

Marriage and relationship stories of interest:
Happy Valentines Day!

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