Monday, February 16, 2009

Eight More Updates About The Suleman Octuplets: Relevant Controversy

Alright, the drama and follies of the octuplet mom and family is hard to look away from, and I to have been tracking the coverage for those who want to keep up to speed with the developments. Honestly I try to throw out the ridiculously salacious, and try to stick as often as I can to substantive updates, and believe me the coverage is sometimes really hard to tell! Here we go, and coincidentally there are eight updates:
  • Universally the same question seems the loudest, "how on earth would this doctor implant that many embryos?" This article sheds some good light on the fertility system and the motivations on both the physician and patient sides of the equation.
  • The only people who truly know what it is like to go through such an experience are the parents of other multiples, and they offer their perspectives on just what it takes to handle it and thrive.
  • An actress on the red carpet I think made a good observation about just why the response seems to have such a nasty edge to it, saying that in a time of economic turmoil, and especially in CA, where an economic crisis within a crisis is snowballing, people are especially irked and enraged to find out that the taxpayers have, and will likely continue to pay for this
  • A website has been set up to accept donations to the family, correction WAS as it seems to not be accessible at this point. May be it was the graphics reminiscent of your junior high notebook scribbles and art, but clearly it didn't achieve it's objective.
  • Perhaps it isn't available anymore because the PR firm that was handling her and put up the website, abruptly dropped her because of the intensely negative backlash they recieved. Another PR firm was said to have taken her on, one which has represented another set of multiples, but word is that they are refuting that report as well.
  • The negative press is said to have sent the family into hiding, although they are surfacing to shop and go to church recently.
  • While her mother was paid around $40,000 to do an interview with Radar Online according to the mother's publicist (yes they have their own publicists), her father is trying to defend her on Radar Online, especially in light of a reported action being requested by a CA psychiatrist which would result in the octuplets possibly being taken from Suleman and adopted, preferably directly from the hospital. And speaking of paying for interviews, this article has some interesting information about how media organizations pay without having to say they pay.
  • An important element in the discussion that needs to be highlighted is that wanting to have, and having a large family are not in and of themselves indicators of some sort of psychosis or selfishness. A commentary recently captured the essence that it takes much more than just liking children to successfully parent, and that there are wonderful parents and families that have large families for all the right reasons.
We'll see what else develops in the weeks to come and I will post updates.


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