Monday, February 9, 2009

A Delay, Sort-Of: Relevant CPSIA Regulation Update

An update about the Consumer Product Safety Commission's new regulations regarding children's products. The regulation implementation received a slight delay, existing products must adhere to lead guidelines, but the Commission is taking a year to review the proposed testing and certification requirements to consider and address how best to address the challenges to small and artisinal producers. While this ruling has brought some sighs of relief, it's not quite that simple. Producers are still liable at this moment for any products that are found to not meet the standards, they are just not requiring the proof yet. The regulations have got everyone scrambling, even the local libraries and the nation's children's book publishers. Many businesses are trying to understand how to operate in this shifting environment.

So the conclusion is the ruling is mixed, and hopefully there will be some substantive thought and action put into setting a protocol that achieves the good intentions, but allows for responsible entrepreneurship in the marketplace and resolves this limbo situation. 

An interesting related story I've had for awhile seems cogent here. Meet the geeks who set the nations safety standards.

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