Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Not Nest All the Time?: Relevant Organization

Everyone jokes about the crazy manifestations of the need to clean and organize an expectant mother in her nesting phase exhibits. My husband looks forward to this time, and I say that power needs to be bottled and dispensed when we're lacking the motivation to keep up the fight with kids and husbands underfoot to maintain some sort of order.

Our current circumstances also lend themselves to organizing. We are nervous, expectant, scared, and a little out of our minds with what is happening to us. When things are seemingly so out of control, some find some measure of comfort in concentrating on what one can control. Perhaps owing to this collective need, coupled with kicking off a new year, organizing stories abound. I'm one of those that is not immaculate, but generally tidy, and I can say I definitely feel the difference. I saw some great info in these articles to share with you:
  • The Washington Post featured some terrific free web based tools to help the whole family in the quest to get and stay organized.
  • Need a little help to get started and stay on the path of organization? Join the online community, The Clutter Diet to support your organizational journey.
  • The Miami Herald posted a good general overview of quickly assessing your home and getting the ball rolling.
  • I wrote recently on Twitter that chef Mark Bittman makes me swoon, and it's true, because few can capture that rare balance of simplicity and inspiration, especially in the kitchen. His latest cookbook draws inspiration from the excellent book by Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and sets about constructing a roadmap to cook and eat in the manner that Pollan suggests to save our own health and that of our planet. He recently wrote an article advising home cooks about what to throw out and what to keep or get in an effort to clean-out and equip the kitchen for good eating.
  • This one hits both the need to reduce and organize, while saving money. Swap books online!
Happy organizing!

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SoundHunter said...

I totally went through a big decluttering phase with this last pregnancy, since it was our last I lamented that that was probably as clean as the house would ever be!

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