Monday, December 8, 2008

Take this Job and Keep It!: Relevant Weathering the Storm

With the economic numbers what they are and the prospect of a recovery uncertain, it IS certain the no one's job is secure, so it is best to be proactive and look at what you can do to improve your economic condition, and ride through the current cycle of economic contraction and layoffs. Here are some interesting items I have come across recently:
  • There are a wealth of articles that advise what to do when you are laid off, or to avoid it, but two articles really stood out for me. The first by Gladys Edmunds is unique in that she reminds people who have been laid off, or fear it, that they, "have the skills to regroup and reorganize." Further she makes the very proactive assertion, "When you approach your work with an entrepreneurial spirit, you will recognize that you own the skills you were hired for. You take those assets and continue to use them for your benefit wherever you work. " This is very inspiring for so many that feel they do not have some say in what happens to them. So take heart, and take those skills into your next company or venture.

  • And, in an effort to avoid being laid off in the first place, or at least be in the best shape literally and figuratively to weather it, follow the advice of business leader, Kevin Merritt, who isolates the ten things you need to do before you are laid off. It's practical and realistic, so get to it!

  • If there is a bright spot in these difficult times, it is that it forces us to reassess our priorities and our values, and as one writer in the Christian Science Monitor wrote recently start at one critical solution, "Expect less and want less."

  • You may be stressed, and short on time, so check out a bookmark worthy article in the Washington Post recently had a great list of top financial sites by category to seek out for help.

  • Already starting to dread tax season? Check out this article that advises some savvy tax pre-planning steps that can save you money.

  • On the fence about the automakers bailout? Consider the issue from the perspective of the ramifications of bankruptcy.

  • Columnist Michelle Singletary has set your financial reading list for the coming year, unique paced to her predictions for how the economic conditions will play out over the coming twelve months.

  • Finally, many many marriages go through really tough times during times such as these, which may have them considering divorce. Before you go there, read this article about the financial implications and cost of divorce. It's a strange blessing, but it just may make you reconsider and work it out. And as parents, it is o.k. to be honest with your kids, and check out the tips in this AP article.

All in all, remember, "this to shall pass." Surround yourself with a positive and supportive network of people, which a recent report is a key driver of individual happiness.

And if all else fails, take a moment to laugh and enjoy the ten silliest videos to watch on the Internet, compiled by the Washington Post.

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