Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Minute Holiday Gifts and Tales of Hot and Hazardous Potty Business: Relevant Holidays

Not that we have cornered the market on holiday exhaustion, but odds are if you are a mom you are running on fumes right about now. So let's cut to the chase and get to it. Here are a few holiday tips to pass along before the big day:
  • I'm biased as a former professional bookseller, but books are fantastic last minute gift ideas for everyone. I can attest that I nearly had to escort people bodily to the doors on Christmas eve to get them to stop scouring for just the book to give. Talk about holiday exhaustion, please, please be nice to a retail store person in the last hours of the holiday crush, and please understand that they to have families and festivities and cakes that they have to frost into the wee hours of the night. So cut 'em a break and leave when you are supposed to. BUT, I digress. Here is a last minute list of great children's books.
  • Better yet, avoid the store all together. Not that I am trying to single handedly derail any efforts that are being made to get our economy going (honestly I'd need a few more readers for that one), but there are plenty of ideas hanging around your house, so check these out.
  • Want to know what THE hottest toy this season is? Move over Elmo, darling, baby dolls that really, um, poo have flown off of store shelves. They are billed as potty training aides. As if we didn't have enough real poo to handle in our daily lives, we have to endure the doll's to? Yeeeeech!
  • And still on the bathroom/potty training subject, this one is a little odd, but helpful due to all the traveling to unfamiliar places. Apparently little penises are prone to lots of toilet slamming injuries while visiting non kid proofed destinations, so be vigilant!

And, for all those parents that are really just not that into this whole hullabaloo--Religion, holidays, et al. (sorry, I am, but I recognize the differences around me, so consider this a little gift non-holiday affiliated), there are others in the so-called "humanist parenting movement," who feel your pain.

Whatever you celebrate have a happy and healthy time!

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