Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Role Models with Actual Values: Relevant Parenting

We in the American culture are desperate for role models, but the problem is that we get caught up in some questionable role models. Flip on TV these days and you will encounter any number of reality television shows featuring celebrities letting you in on their "family values." I spend most of these shows, when I can stomach getting through one (some of them I can't get past the opening introduction) with my mouth frequently hanging open, and my head shaking.

It's one of those "breathe of fresh air" elements of the new President-elect and his family, that people are now starting to take some cues from the soon to be First Family, and reevaluating things like chores and allowances. If it's good enough for the Obama girls, maybe it's good for my family as well! And perhaps most inspiring is the fact that parents are using Barack Obama as a real role model that they can point to, and they are telling their young children that smart, straight-playing individuals can in fact make it to the top.

Hopefully these particular role models will be a more compelling example that we as a culture can "roll with."

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