Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turbo Transition: Relevant Obama Quickies

The Obama edition of Relevant Quickies:

  • Quick update on the cabinet picks that Obama has reportedly made.
  • Senator Hillary Clinton is widely thought to have accepted the Secretary of State position, which has inspired reams and bytes of commentary. Can they work together, etc., etc., etc. The New York Times reports that they reached accord quite a while ago. And not only with each other; Mrs. Clinton has been offering advice and guidance to the soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama as well. She's a double threat advisor--she can advise both the President AND the First Lady. Give the woman the job, and get over the Clinton thing!
  • It's not surprising to many, Obama is widely viewed as a political pragmatist with a more centrist approach, which, if he can pull it off, definitely would do a great deal to put our money where our mouth is when we prattle on about "bi-partisanship."
  • Also, this weekend, in the President Elect's weekly video address, in response to the vast unease with the interim power vacuum that threatens significantly more economic damage before he can even get into office, he and his team signaled that they are "hopping to it," to recommend policy moves even while the current President is in office, but doing little to effectively stem the tide. He broadly outlined a two year recovery plan to add 2.5 million jobs to the economy through infrastructure project spending. The markets are likely to react relatively well, because the goal is relatively conservative and "realistic," and doesn't indicate out of control deficit spending. In regards to the embattled automobile industry, the Presdient Elect's spokespeople are making it clear that they do not support a blank check, and they warn the auto chiefs to come back with some more realistic and pragmatic plans of their own when Congress reconvenes in December.
  • On a side note, I have to give a shout out to writer, David Sessions of Slate who constructed a great headline to sum up this move that definitely appeals to the mother of a toddler: "Barack The Builder." Even the theme song would work. Can we fix it? YES, we can!

If you want to hear directly from the President Elect watch it here:

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