Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank a Veteran Today: Relevant Remembrance

No matter how you feel about wars fought, past and present, take a moment today to acknowledge the sacrafice of those who have fought. I was raised by a Navy man who always instilled an appreciation of history and was vigilant that I understand the sacrifices of those who made my life and freedom possible. As a teenager, I spent a memorable two weeks being drug through a succession of Civil War battlefields by my dad. I got snotty at times, like most teenagers, but I still remember the feeling standing on the grounds of Gettysburg. I had a few days on my own in Washington D.C., and I made my way to the Vietnam Memorial, and the feelings are nearly as intense today as they were then. So even though I was weary of the nearly hundredth roadside memorial my father insisted we stop and look at, I am grateful for the time, and believe that as a young person it solidified a lifetime of lessons that taught humility and gratefulness to those who laid down their lives. It is a priority for me as a mother as well to instill this appreciation, so that when we speak out in disagreement we are mindful of those that made that possible. Thank you veterans!

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