Sunday, November 9, 2008

Terms of Transition: Relevant Politics

News from the political transition:
  • Obama has tapped the controversial Rahm Emanuel to the powerful post of his Chief of Staff, and in a candid interview some great indication of what we will see next, including children's health care in their top three priorities.
  • Obama faces a long to do list at home, as well as internationally, and the world's leaders are keen to let him know what they want to.
  • But, don't expect too much to soon people!
  • A defense of a possible Treasury secretary, Lawrence Summers, who got into some hot water with women a few years back, but who the author claims, actually holds high goals for women's economic conditions. Sounds good, because with working parents pushed to the level that they are now pulling their kids out of day-care due to the costs, mothers and families need an advocate in the Treasury, who keeps in mind the impact on your street, not just Wall Street, or even Main Street.
  • Speaking of economics, details about Obama's economic agenda in the works.

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