Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping Kills: Relevant Are You Kidding Me?!

Welcome to another edition of "Are You Kidding Me?!" Today we've got tragedy and comedy for the offering:

  • I come by my distaste for Black Friday honestly...15 plus years in the retail trenches in a prior career, but these stories just take it up a thousand notches: A temporary worker for Walmart was trampled to death by people who literally broke down the doors to get the "doorbuster deals." To add to the appalling nature of the incident, when people were told that the store was closing because someone had been killed in the melee, they reacted with outrage because they would miss out on the deals they had waited in line to get. The people who trampled the worker, didn't even stop to attend to or help the man; they kept shopping. And, two men pulled out guns and proceeded to have a fatal gun battle (they both perished) over a dispute in the electronic aisle of a southern CA Toys R' Us, right in front of frightened and traumatized little kids picking out their Christmas toys. Suffice it to say that these incidents are just so wrong on so many levels it literally takes the breathe away. Be safe out there, and keep in mind what the whole point of this holiday season is, and uncaringly trampling/shooting people to death just to get to more cheap stuff is most definitely not it!

  • You've heard of designated drivers, but have you heard of "designated flip-flops?" Apparently, women getting soused and subsequently toppling from their high heels on the wobbly way home was enough of problem in Torbay, Devon, U.K., that the police have taken to passing out flip flops to women making their way home from revelry. Sure they guard from hangnails, but how about hangovers?

  • Sooner rather than later Sweden will begin using "spray-on skin" for wound care. We're talking actual skin cells.

  • Would you name your kid after a dictator if someone paid you to? Reuters reports, "An Italian right-wing party is offering 1,500 euros ($1,930) to parents who name their babies after wartime fascist dictator Benito Mussolini or his wife Rachele, saying their names are under threat."

  • Evidence that times are tough were glaringly apparent, when a farm in Denver, Co, invited the public to come and pick any left over produce after their recent harvest, and 40,000 people showed up, and picked the fields clean of 600,000 tons of "left-overs."

  • Beware thieves armed with lubricants! A women in Florida was accosted, and thieves with a lubricant substance on their hands slathered her hand to be able to yank off her rings more easily.

  • Check those tires! And no this isn't a cost cutting tip, but one that might potentially save your life. Even if your tires are "new," if they were manufactured more than six years prior they could be compromised by age breakdown. Watch this important video report from ABC, check your tires, and be aware when you get your tires changed in the future.

  • There are many evils associated with obsessive cell phone use, but the Vatican also proclaims that it imperils your immortal soul as well. Confessor to priest: Can I text you my confession? Apparently, no. The Vatican will not be going Web 2.0 anytime soon I suspect.

  • Let's conclude with a story that inspired me to say "are you kidding me," but in a good way. A family owned Midwestern company, recently sold to a Swedish corporation, surprised their employees by sharing some of the proceeds of the sale with them in a bonus, in amounts according to their years of service. Some people received over $30,000! What an exceptional company!!

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