Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Accomplished but Not Equal?: Relevant Feminism

Recent stories on the status of women front:
  • Who are the women blazing a trail in business? Check out "The 50 Women to Watch 2008" from the Wall Street Journal.
  • The election capped a tumultuous political cycle for women, and we made "modest gains," but as our recent 27th finish in the world gender equality report 2008 revealed, we are far behind many other countries. A significant barrier was overcome this cycle, but women are still waiting.
  • The rates of women entering computer science is falling, and an MIT graduate student decided to find out why.
  • The U.K. Sunday Telegraph recently published a survey of the modern woman in the U.K., delving into their concerns, views and inspirations. Lots in common with the U.S.
  • An article recently reported on a question asked by a well known feminist, Germaine Greer: "why don't women write the big idea books?" Greer's position is that women are too sensible to waste time trying to answer the ultimate questions. What?! My position is that women are too busy trying to be all things to all people most of the time to find the decade or four to retreat and write them. However, I think that many would disagree with the assertion that women's writing (some anyway) is lacking in this area.
  • Have you heard of the tense stand-off between the "breeder" and the "child-free by choice?" An interesting look inside the divide from MommyTrack'd.

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