Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Press Goes To The Dogs: Relevant Family Politics

I found myself a little annoyed in the middle of Barack Obama's first press conference to have questions from the press corps about the very pressing issue of what kind of dog the Obama family would be getting. (My guess is a bichon frise) The amateur political pundit in me surged to my feet (metaphorically...I think I was trying to feed my son lunch at the time...but you know, no less dramatic for emotional effect ;-) in disbelieving outrage. Are you kidding me? Really? All these challenges, and that is what you ask him about? Dogs are also a dangerous topic, and defintely a reluctant interview, as an unfortunate Reuters' reporter discovered when he attempted to pet Bush's dog, Barney.

Then I breathed, calmed down, took off the pundit hat and remembered that not everything is cynically political, although the debate about purebred versus shelter dog clearly will be spun this way and that. After all this isn't a messiah, this is a man and a family about to go for the ride of their lives. The campaign was just prologue, now the real fun begins. In that light, it was good to hear that the candidate turned President elect has his priorities straight. He will be our President in January, but first he is their dad and her husband. And this is a wonderful example for the nation.

Life will be different for the Obama girls, but thus far it seems they have a powerful advocate in their mother, Michelle, who is firmly focused on them. She might be a powerful advocate for America's women and families as well. First up, moving in, and it sounds like a remarkably disciplined operation. Would you expect any differently from the Obamas?
Speaking of First Ladies, on a side note, regardless of political affiliation, many admire Laura Bush, and this profile of her was interesting.

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