Friday, November 28, 2008

Listen to Your Elders: Relevant Holidays

It may be "Black Friday," a dubious holiday all on its own, but personally I would rather celebrate the other holiday worth marking today, the National Day of Listening, a day in which families are encouraged to, brace yourselves, talk to one another to collect oral histories. The day was initiated by StoryCorps, a non-profit group who is collecting our national stories and storing them in the Library of Congress.

Give a gift to your family and the future generations by finding out about that "ten mile walk uphill in the snow in my day" experience of your elders. You just might find out something remarkable in the mundane details. I love talking to my grandmother. I always come across some tidbit that I want to remember, so I've taken to keeping a pad of paper nearby when we do talk. She only just revealed her birthday and true age to the family a few years ago!

If you must persist in celebrating Black Friday as well, at least use that slick new phone device to record an interview or two and preserve the experience for posterity.

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