Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let's Go Voter Tipping-Last Minute Details to Get You Off the Fence and to the Polls: Relevant Politics

We're coming to the end of a very long and contentious election cycle, and hopefully you have made your decisions, and possibly even already cast your vote, but in case you haven't and you are still working it out, here a few last minute helpful resources:
  • VoteGopher.Com searches down the candidates positions on the issues and puts them in one easy to browse place.
  • If finances are your primary concern, here is an article from the Wall Street Journal that focuses on monetary policy stances. The WSJ is typically pretty conservative, but this article is pretty well balanced.
  • Wondering what kind of economic advisers might surround the future president? An article from the Christian Science Monitor compares and contrasts the likely economic teams.
  • Staffing your administration is a huge task, and a recent article profiles the probable personnel make-up of an Obama administration.
  • It's a fact that this particular election has riveted the country, and indeed the world, unlike any other election in recent memory. Emotions are running high, and much is at stake. Relationships have been sorely tested, with many articles written about friends and family members struggling not to let their differing opinions rip them apart. Check out this handy article that gives good guidelines for how to talk about the election in a reasonable manner.
  • Finally, the truly scary reports of plots to bring harm to the candidates and their supporters, terrible Halloween decorations, completely in bad taste, and people who harass others over their right to have a different opinion and express it, as well as exercise their right to vote their viewpoint reveals the ugly underbelly of intolerance. The Christian Science Monitor, as part of a call for prayer for the candidates, wrote, "First, reject the belief that hatred can have power or intelligence. Hatred is an unfaithful "friend" to those who embrace it – and the only antidote is total rejection." Even if you are not given to prayer, agree on the fact that nothing productive can come of such hateful thoughts and actions. If your candidate loses on November 4th, set the example that all our kids need to see: resilience and continued engagement in this flawed, but noble experiment we call democracy.

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