Thursday, November 20, 2008

Introducing "Are You Kidding Me?!"

Welcome to a new feature: "Are You Kidding Me?!" I occasionally run across things that make me shake my head in disbelief, and I shall periodically share them with you as well. Enjoy the indignation.
  • You've heard of "greenwashing," where a company hoping to hop on the eco marketing bandwagon makes some superficial changes and claims to be "green?" Now, welcome to "brainwashing." McDonalds is using "embedded" moms as marketers, or as they call them "Quality Correspondents," in a campaign that features regular moms going behind the scenes and discovering how McDonalds is really actually pretty healthy...really. Not to be outdone, Burger King has seen the healthy light and is going to reduce the sodium in the "kids meal." While it's great that the well known chains are featuring some marginally better choices, a fry is still a fry.
  • The budget woes in California are certainly brutal, and an enterprising AP teacher decided to close the education funding gap in his classroom by selling ad space on his students' tests. Very creative, and doesn't seem to hurt when it's the local orthodontist, but let's hope it stays local, because our kids are absolutely barraged with marketing and advertising as it is already.

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