Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grace Fits Like A Glove: Relevant Accessories

Sitting in church, struggling with another pernicious cold and cough that just won't let go, and listening to the consistent call and response of those similarly afflicted, I got to thinking about gloves. Specifically, in light of recent reports that tell us that women have germier hands than men, how handy it might be to don a pair of gloves to stop the spread of virus vermin. Some people actually wear surgical masks throughout cold and flu season; hardly fashionable though, but I could get behind the gloves I thought.

I've always had a fascination with accessories, although rarely the budget to indulge it. When I was a girl, I was forever getting into my mother's gloves and scarves, etc. I always loved the femininity of them. I would love to wear gloves, but alas only Diane Keaton seems to be able to carry them off in public life, and still plenty of people are curious about it.

Nancy White, an iconic figure in the 1960s at Harper's Bazaar championed forward thinking in a magazine that has been a fashion gold standard for decades, but she herself was a hat and gloves kind of lady. She would have approved of Hillary Clinton's pantsuits on principle, but she had the caveat that one must accompany such a thing with impeccable accessories.

I know for many, gloves are at the least anachronistic, and at worst a symbol of a repressive social order for women. And in my bit of research, a disturbing bit about gloves and menstruating women in church completely turned me off of the church idea all together. But, I still love them. They still represent a certain grace and elegance, a physical manifestation of the formidable Miss White's stated goals for her magazine while she was at the helm of being known for ''authority, awareness, wit, spirit, surprise, curiosity, intelligence, timing, food for thought, vitality, balance and youth.''

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