Monday, November 10, 2008

Food Feuds: Relevant Foodie

O.K., full disclosure, I have no children yet in school, so I can't really "feel the foodie philosophical pain" of those in the trenches, but I gather from my friends that do, that the subject of food and school is a, shall we say, tense topic. On the one hand you have those who work hard to keep their kids' diets as healthful as possible, and feel that the ubiquitous classroom cupcake should be banned, and those that generally go with the flow, and don't mind some sugar here and there. In an effort to improve the nutrition of kids in schools, CA is leading the nation in restricting sweets from the school grounds, and this is cutting into the bottom line of the classic fundraiser bake sale. I remember my junior high bake sales precisely because my friend, Karen, made the most divine cream puffs. I can't remember what we were raising money for, but I still remember those cream puffs.

I fall in the middle ground. I work to keep the diet healthy, but I believe in moderation, not elimination, and helping your kids make good decisions about foods, with a little indulgence here and there. Can we leave the innocent school fundraiser alone? Kids these days might even surprise us with quite a few alternative choices, because they themselves are becoming more and more concerned with their own health. Plus, as my mother-in-law learned, if the sweet stuff is completely off limits, even if it makes their kid sick (as it did my husband), they will still find their way to acquire the forbidden goodies. Better to teach moderation and good choices. Just my two cents.

On another note, however, food allergies are something not to be treated cavalierly, and a recent report finds that many schools are not handling them very well, and parents need to be proactive.

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