Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Things Are Possible: Relevant History

President Elect Barack Obama
Now the country has spoken and a new era of leadership has begun. It is undeniably a historic moment. I hope that you got out there and voted, whichever candidate you favored. It's time now to put partisanship aside and to get on with the business of leading this country through the challenges it faces, and as our new President elect called for in his speech tonight, it will take a collective effort. As parents, we have a special mandate to demonstrate the promise of this new wave of collective change, and first and foremost participate, and show that although we have differences we are at our core Americans with a shared destiny. For those who are watching this from overseas please hear the call that can resonate in your own cultures that I personally found so moving tonight:

"That is the true genius of America--it can change."

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