Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Came First- the Egg or the Illicit Chicken Movement?: Relevant Miscellany

Happily my paid writing work is busy, but never fear I've still been following the news! These tidbits fall under "miscellaneous and interesting." Enjoy!
  • So this one is just plain odd, but a boxer has found an "innovative" use for his son's wet diapers; apparently they do wonders for his battered fists when wrapped around them, pee and all. It's his number one use for number one.
  • Can you imagine a boy at the age of nine having the opposite sex figured out, let alone a published author on the topic? Meet Alec Greven, author of How to Talk To Girls.
  • Were you aware that there is an "illicit urban chicken movement" growing across the U.S.? Peek inside the hen house next door. Just take it from me, don't be so dense as to build your coop mere feet from your neighbor's bedroom windows--it makes them rather peckish!
  • Here are the latest hot toys for the holidays. In view of the conservative buying most retailers have done for this sure to be abysmal holiday sales period, if you want one of these goodies, get them now!
  • Watch out for a nasty You Tube virus!
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the more interesting stories I have read describes a special pair of gloves one can acquire which aids in detecting lumps in the breast. Pretty amazing.
  • The argument between the creationist and the evolutionists may now be rather moot, because according to one report, we're done--we're as good as we're going to get, genetically speaking.
  • That's one big baby! I thought I had it challenging tending to a very active toddler, but this brings a touch of perspective. In Kenya, a two ton rhino is tenderly cared for and fiercely protected by his ranger parents. British tourist, Deacon Smith gets the award for best comment: ""I've never seen people touching a wild rhino. They're usually moving in the opposite direction — quickly."

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