Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote, Vote, Vote, and Oh Yes, VOTE: Relevant Citizenship

We are in the homestretch folks! If you haven't yet voted, either by absentee or early voting, make sure you exercise your right and privilege to cast your ballot for whomever you have decided on, not only in the presidential race, but the critical local and regional races as well, including propositions. In many places the ballots are large, so be sure to mark it before you go and vote to make things go quickly.

There are lots of questions that might come up, and this link from The Machinist on covers just about everything. Remember if you are getting any push back at your polling place to not leave unless you have been given a provisional ballot and make sure to follow up with local officials.

Also, if possible, take your kids and make sure to make a big deal about it--it's certainly a teachable moment, and here's hoping they remember it for a lifetime.

For those who have had just about enough of the political pulpit, make time for just one more woman with a plan:

Please Make it a Priority to Vote
Kids Can't Vote, But Moms Do!

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