Sunday, October 5, 2008

These Little Critters are Expensive!: (More) Relevant Resources

Two online resources that landed in my in-box, courtesy of ParentHacks (and thank you by the way), are Baby Cheapskate and Freepeats. These are both "favorite worthy," so be sure to bookmark them.

  • Baby Cheapskate is a blog that tracks all those lovely deals to be had on baby stuff, including basics like diapers, so check back often.

  • Freepeats is a newer organization that takes the concept of FreeCycle and focuses it on baby and kid items. There is a nominal fee to join ($4.95), or if they are launching newly in your city, it is free for life if you join during their initial enrollment period.

  • For the uninitiated, FreeCycle is a widespread organization, and you simply join your local group via Yahoo Groups and swap stuff with other members FOR FREE. You are as likely to find things like "Free Wood," as well as "Free Crib-Barely Used," if you haven't checked it out, do so, but a warning, competition can be fierce for items, so quick on the mouse clicks to have a chance at getting a posted item. Freepeats takes the concept to just kid items. We'll see how it goes; I just joined.

Halloween is coming...have you heard? I ran across a helpful article to help moms exercise some good old fashioned creative frugality when coming up with a costume. If you've already got a costume, still keep it in mind on the off chance that the munchkin decides that it will be a fate worse than death to now be (insert popular character here) just like all five of his/her friends. Just a note of caution...make sure it's age appropriate; I'm still scarred by a "creative" costume dreamed up by my mom (Sorry Mom) that I swear had me dressed in what was probably an attempt at a cute flapper, but ended up rather looking like "woman of ill repute." Happy Haunting!

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