Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That's $2.00 Worth of Chicken You Just Flung And Other Feeding Frustrations: Relevant Resources

Two of the biggest challenges my friends and I face are saving money and remaining sane whilst feeding the brood. I ask you, do you similarly want to scream in frustration when you have carefully plotted your food budget and purchases, only to watch your toddler proceed to toss whatever you make on the floor, or in my case land a direct hit with the tuna sandwich smack dab in the center of my furrowed brow? It is in these moments that I physically pray for restraint, and resist the time honored lecture about starving children in...he's not even two, I doubt it would resonate other than to cause mild amusement at the fact that mama has been whipped into such a frenzy that her normally high word count has now tripled. I imagine I sound much like the teacher in Charlie Brown at this point. Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha!

So in the quest to save money and feed the kid(s) (including husbands, who frankly sometimes lead the revolt...traitors), may you benefit from the fruits of my surfing:

  • One of my favorite parenting blogs is ParentHacks, which had an excellent posting containing all kinds of suggestions for good food presented in innovative ways designed to appeal to the discerning toddler. These responses stressed feeding the kids with humor and downright silliness.
  • Keeping up with a busy and opinionated toddler often leaves me tapped out in the cooking creativity department, and I'm not really willing to be a short order cook. So what is a mother to do on short time? I turn to another of my personal "parental lifelines": RecipeZaar! Seriously, bookmark it right NOW. Check out the results for "Ready in 15 Minutes" and the "Ready in 15 Minutes for a Toddler." Be sure to use the filter options to further limit your search sets, and save yourself some precious time.
  • Placement of a car seat in your vehicle is critical to keep your kids safe, and information about a new study asserts that whenever possible center position is definitely best.
  • The results of the Frugal Family Challenge, conducted by ABC News and USA Today are in. Find out how two typical American families trimmed their household spending, and get some good tips on trimming your own.
  • ParentHacks also had some very useful links to some recent articles about children and technology, with very useful information for parents trying to keep up to speed. But as my friend who related how much more adept her three year old was with her i-Phone, I suspect we all have an uphill battle--they seem wired for it out of the womb these days! Also check out an article about Twitter, and kid safe emailing tips.

And here are a couple of useful items, albeit not directly related to saving money and feeding the kids:

  • If you haven't already discovered as a reliable go-to source to check out rumors and current cultural mythology, read this great article that profiles the couple that are the driving force behind this Internet superstar.
  • Everyone is rushing to cash in on the growing eco-consciousness of the American consumer. But, not all "organic" is created equal, and sometimes a used synthetic is better than a new organic item as a recent feature in The Christian Science Monitor illustrates.
  • This is a sign of the times: forget the candle, lingerie, cookware parties of the past, nowadays gold is in!

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