Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Brain Lights Up for John Cusack: Relevant Science Trivia

This one gets filed under just plain odd, but oddly interesting all the same. According to just released scientific study findings, individual brain cells in parts of the brain are dedicated to specific people, like say, oh, Jennifer Aniston. If you really like Jennifer Aniston, and your brain is stimulated with photos, etc., the same brain cell will show a response.
So I can conclude that ultimately my brain will betray me, because although I generally don't buy into the celeb crazy culture, you can rivet my attention with a mere whisper about John Cusack. Sad and pathetic, I mean how old are we now anyway, but there it is. Ohh! Right there, I think I felt that brain cell twitch. So John C., I didn't give you my heart, but you have at least one of my brain cells, and something tells me that would please you immensely.
Who have you allowed to colonize your brain?

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