Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mother Can You Save A Dime?: Relevant Frugality

We could all use a little help saving our pennies these days:
  • If you don't think your children notice when things change, or there are challenges in the household, think again. Marilyn Gardner of the Christian Science Monitor writes about families that have taken the issue head on with their children. Usable tactics you can also apply.
  • Coupon clipping is in vogue once again. Yet another old tactic that the Internet has taken to the next level, with some excellent time saving innovations for busy parents.
  • So, time was that tired mamas wanted to get together, throw back a few cosmos, and buy a few amazingly priced accessories, but these days tired, fiscally, and ecologically conscious mamas can kick back a few cosmos and knock out two things at once by hosting a green cleaning party to make their homes greener and more cost conscious by learning about the amazingly simple household cleaning compounds they can make on their own. Make it green and save some green.
  • Always a great resource, has an excellent frugal living discussion board filled with great discussion and tips about saving money.
  • Also on Mothering, in looking forward to the holiday season, they also have a great "Frugal Holidays 2008" thread with some great tips and ideas.
  • I'll cause you some anxiety in one second flat...ready...i-n-v-e-s-t-i-n-g. Check the blood pressure. Take a moment and read Kathleen Connell's excellent article detailing steps to "survive a volatile market."
  • And finally, I've read countless articles and books about the impact that educating and empowering women can do for a society. Christine Grumm writes how investing in women has been shown to remarkably combat poverty.

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