Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Your Voice Always That High Pitched, Or Are You Just Ovulating?: Relevant Scientific Revelations

This must be the day for oddball scientific revelations that catch my eye:
  • Is your voice just a little higher? A little, well, girlier? Quick, do the math, you may be ovulating. Science Daily reports that a new UCLA study has observed that "women unconsciously change their voices with the approach of ovulation, using a higher, more feminine pitch in social communication." And a few days later, it can hit shrill pitches when provoked once PMS has set-in...oh is that just me? Can I get some scientific clarification please?

  • Also the reproductive "time-clock" angst sets in for many women sooner or later, and scientists now tell us that "Doctors can now tell women when their reproductive life is likely to end by measuring hormone levels in the blood." So for those hyper organized types out there, you can now book it in your personal organizational device of choice and plan accordingly. Can you imagine a date? "I'm Ed, I like wine tasting..." "Wait, Ed, let's cut to the chase. I've got 4.5 years left before I become infertile, and I would like to be pregnant by January...what's your timeline for this relationship?" And for those that really want to plan things down to the last details, they can head off to Turkey for controversial sex selection IVF.

  • And this one I just throw in. It's not sexy, odd or all that interesting, except that it pretty much tells us what we already knew, but want to find an elaborate "easy" way around. Weight loss IS really most effectively managed by attention to calories in and calories out. And as the author cleverly alludes to, in a time when elaborate money schemes are proving themselves to be disastrous, perhaps it's good to get back to basics.

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