Friday, October 31, 2008

Exercise Your Right To Be Tacky: Relevant Halloween Greetings

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!
Amidst the sea of normal Halloween stories and reports, I found these two a little different and worthy of a look:
  • I got a little "slightly annoyed, indignant American" when I read British ex patriot Elizabeth Murray's disdainful, dare I say it, "stuffy Brit" (sorry UK readers, but sometimes, really, c'mon, you know you can be--not that we don't have our moments across the pond, but I'm just sayin) perspective on the "Hallowe'en" revelry. She was taken aback at the scale, but really, she's living in TEXAS, and as the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. Not all are as into the more gory elements as she recounts. Heck, I haven't even carved the pumpkin yet, so I guess it's "harvest au'naturale" for this decoration challenged family.
  • As I recovered from my annoyance, I then happened across Matthew Taylor's excellent meditation on the American embrace of all things tacky, homey, gory and well, uniquely American in our celebration of Halloween, and his assertion that it is deeply tied to Democracy.

I say tomAto, you say tomaaaato, I say Halloween, you say Hallowe'en. Enjoy the revelry. Vive le Tacky...or should I just leave the French out of this all together?

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