Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Needs The Presidency When We've Got The Remote!: Relevant Relationships

News from the marital and parental state:

  • YES!!! We may have only managed to make 18 million cracks in the ceiling, but a recent Pew Research Center study says that we're gaining serious ground when it comes to...the remote control. This is big news, because as goes the remote, swings the real center of power don't you know? Small consolation, but I'll take it, for now. But then again, as you shall find at the conclusion of the article, both man AND woman is trumped by...? I'll give you just one guess.
  • BUT then we hear that men who hold more traditional, rather than egalitarian, views of women's roles in society tend to earn substantially more, according to a recent study cited in The Washington Post. But it doesn't go both ways. According to the study, "traditional-minded women suffer the greatest income disadvantage for doing the same work."
  • When children transition out of the nest, it's not only a life change for them, but also their parents. As Lisa Belkin writes in The New York Times, some people get a real head start according to Natalie Cain, the founder of Empty Nest Syndrome Support Services ( "she gets calls from parents of kindergartners already mourning the day their children leave home."

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