Friday, September 12, 2008

When the Report Card is Also a Payment Due Invoice: Relevant Education News

Taking a look at some issues in education:
  • Although we've heard a little bit about education in this presidential cycle, it seems it should get higher billing, given it's impact to the "big" issues, such as the economy and our global diplomacy efforts. Recently, Harold Ford Jr., an up and coming voice in the Democratic party was interviewed, and he advanced the position that Barack Obama should make reforming education a central goal of his campaign and administration. Interesting read.
  • Where do the candidates stand on education? Check out a quick synopsis here.
  • Another story published recently describes the urban renewal of a downtown area in Arkansas, with it's central component being a new school added to a renovated building, whose past saw among other things, the offices of the Bill Clinton's presidential campaign headquarters. The school is thriving, and taking the neighborhood with it.
  • A Newsweek report delves into why school-age boys are struggling, and validates parental concerns about this growing trend.
  • Would you pay your kids for their grades? My parents never did, and do I feel gypped! I could have raked in some serious dough! Many from the business world have suggested that this would work effectively to encourage better commitment and results, but USA Today reports that CEOs are split in opinion about it. Meanwhile, Chicago schools are implementing the approach that rewards students for their grades with cold hard cash.

This story is not specifically on the education track, but a wonderful little gem as we transition out of the summer traveling season, and get back to school. Many plot and fret about long trips with children, especially in the confines of an automobile. One family decided to (gasp) not pack the DVD player, and found that they survived, and yes had a great time. Really!

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