Monday, September 8, 2008

Toy Guns and The Tooth Fairy: Relevant Quickies

Quick, here's some news:

  • I'm not crazy about guns. Never have been. My husband however has a passion for competition shooting, and has cultivated a nearly encyclopedic knowledge. This is all in spite of his mother she tells me. My husband's parents were very anti-gun when he was a child, but all he wanted, yes you guessed it, was a toy gun. In the absence of one he used the trusty finger, and now borders on obsession, but in a completely unscary, ever safety vigilant way. Another father confesses his dirty little secret in an article in the U.K. Guardian. By trying to suppress it so hard, do we trigger their need to have it?
  • Another father on shares his at turns hilarious yet serious angst that his toddler son isn't going through a phase, he's actually a jerk, maybe for life. Caution, this one contains some strong language.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side, as the saying goes, but not so say a group of couples that have made a conscious decision to not have children; they are as happy as can be.
  • You know it's bad when the Tooth Fairy isn't paying out like she used to.
  • Just when you want to complain a little more about your country(really easy to do during a contentious political cycle), you stumble upon a report that says that U.S. parents are adopting HIV positive kids from abroad in increasing numbers. Well shoot, good for us! Now if we could just deal with that Guantanamo issue...
  • And we thought dealing with custody in America is tricky, try Russia. Especially if your ex is a rather frightening looking KGB guy.
  • And you worry about being around to see the milestones for your kids, try having triplets at 59! A fierce outcry has arisen over the birth to a mother who went to India for fertility treatment, because France prohibits fertility treatment passed "normal childbearing age."

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