Friday, September 19, 2008

A Party Where the Gift is Chickenpox: Relevant Health News

When it rains, it pours. No, I'm not talking about the financial markets , but of a veritable ton of health news to bring to you:
  • The LA Times recently ran a great piece about environmentally friendly products and their increasing popularity in the marketplace, catching the attention of the likes of Walmart.
  • On this theme, some warnings about chemicals in cookware, and a caution for pregnant and nursing women.
  • There has been more aggressive action taken to prevent the catastrophes of the recent lead recalls, but here's an important point to note: although the legislation is now in place, it doesn't apply until after this holiday season, which means buyer beware and check out the products you buy. Some retailers have preemptively put the guidelines in place, but some retailers are still trying to move product that they have already purchased and don't want, or can't afford to take a loss on.
  • Good news: infant mortality worldwide has declined, but efforts to reduce maternal mortality is still struggling.
  • Two articles for the pregger ladies to share. As if you didn't know, avoid stress; they are finding a connection with increased stress and impeded brain development in fetuses, leading to possible delays in childhood, and are calling for more studies to explore. Also, an article that explores an issue near and dear to all pregnant women-weight gain-and how mixed the messages are about it.
  • So after reading that, you are thinking, "I really need to get to the gym," but oh the kids, they complicate that goal, if not outright prevent it. A growing trend is cropping us of family gyms that help the whole family go for their respective age appropriate work-outs, or take classes together. With the childhood, and heck the adult, obesity rate way too high, and competing schedules, this is an idea whose time very well may have come.
  • Would you take your kid to a chicken pox party? My grandmother took my mother to the hospital to ensure my mother got the chicken pox. I didn't get chicken pox until I was 18. Parents are debating whether this strategy is sound or suspect.
  • I went a little loony on the New York Times site one day this week, and came away with a cornucopia, including: mistakes that parents make about food with their kids and how to avoid them; a handy tool that has kid friendly healthy recipes (be sure to click on the pull down menu on the left to find the recipes); a really great common childhood health topic tool in their Well section(again use the pull down menu); and an interactive feature that shows brain development which was pretty nifty I must admit.
  • An important clarification about Graco products that have gotten caught up in the recent bassinet recalls.

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