Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He Said, She Said 2.0: Relevant Cultural News

  • In a new twist on the immigration AND homebirth debates, birth certificates from midwife attended births in southern Texas, on the border with Mexico, are not being accepted as valid proof of citizenship when applying for a passport, due to challenges to their legitimacy stemming from past fraud cases.
  • You may joke with girlfriends about pre-arranging your offspring's marriages, but this may not be all that far-fetched! Some people are so fed up with the process of dating and seeking one's "soul mate," that more and more singles are turning to arranged marriages in the U.S.
  • Let's face it, parents really can cramp your style, and to "friend" them on Facebook is a tricky quandary. Teens are grumbling about the increasing parental presence in what used to be solely their territory. Do you know if they share their real profile, or their "for parental consumption" profile? Get some helpful info to help navigate parenting on a social network.
  • Have you ever had an argument with someone and called up all your friends and family to vent and seek validation that you were right? Now, through, you can seek the validation of the entire Internet to call who won the argument.

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