Saturday, September 6, 2008

Food, Fever, Foreclosure and Fun (With History): Relevant and Useful

A few useful and informative tidbits:
  • Children's author, Rick Riordan get points for bringing a concept to the pre-teen book market that engages children's imagination with history, but the marketing piece leaves me a bit wary. Still, I can't fault a publisher (Scholastic, who also publishes the Harry Potter series) for working to find ways to generate revenue, and also work with the new reality of the Internet and gaming dominance of our children's attention. It's good to get, and keep kids reading, but the literary product placement strikes a somewhat tacky note.
  • Food, what to make for every single meal of the day, can wear on the most creative and dedicated to quality fare mom. Finding the food that your child won't toss, and balancing the household budget are additional challenges that moms are facing as their kids head back to school. Check out some of Jackie Burrell's tips for easy, fast and economical lunchbox fare, and Jolene Thym's tips for those picky eaters.
  • And, on a commentary note, the cost of food pinch complicates the obesity problems our kids face, and it's important not to lose focus, according to The Associated Press reporter, Emily Fredrix's report on the rising cost of school lunch programs. A senior research analyst with Mintel International in Chicago, Marcia Mogelonsky, is quoted as suggesting that ""It's a good time to teach economics, nutrition and budgeting. It could become a major focus in parent-child relations." There are some handy tips for saving money on lunches in the article. Check it out.
  • As parents are increasingly assessing their homes for the preventable health hazards, it's only natural that they would also start taking a look at their children's school, and here are some tips for helping to "green" your school.
  • If you are looking for ways to live out your sustainable values for gift giving as well, consider opting for an alternative gift registry.
  • eBay is great to find just about anything, and now add "ethical goods" to that list. The company has just introduced a marketplace,,"offering goods produced with social and environmental goals in mind."
  • Love free stuff? Here are some tips about how to get some to guard your pocketbook.
  • For those inclined to address fever with medication, here are some recent guidelines and findings about ibuprofen.
  • In my state, CA, it was just reported hat 9% of homeowners are late and heading towards foreclosure. We're not out of the woods yet. The threat of foreclosure can be profoundly devastating for the whole family, and this article details some specific strategies to avoid it.
  • A nifty and useful place to find some great info is on the Parenting Press website. Try signing up for the monthly e-zine.

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