Sunday, September 7, 2008

Does It Matter If Sarah Pallin Is a Good Mother And Other Relevant Political News

I would be remiss if I didn't cover a story that is huge and relevant not only in the political election this year, but in the general mommy culture as well. You guessed it, Sarah Pallin. There are now veritable reams of commentary about her; her experience, or lack thereof, her values, and her policies, what she means for women, mothers and feminism. It's important I feel to evaluate her based on her record and what her policies are, but one can not deny that the "mommy factor" is an issue that revs up the female electorate and threatens to swallow the whole debate. But should it? I submit that this is an area to think about carefully in making your decision this election. Following are a few articles of interest:

The election has kept issues of feminism front a center, invigorating the debate about whether motherhood and positions of high authority and commitment work and are appropriate. The 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling aside, women are still struggling to breech the ranks of upper management in business and politics, and suffered a recent defeat in the legislature when the Lilly Ledbetter Act failed to pass. New reports coming from the U.K. are confirming recent reporting in the U.S. that women are losing some ground in issues of work and pay parity, and the brits in fact refer to that barrier as the "concrete ceiling." What is holding us back? Another report from the U.K. delves into the impact motherhood, or even the perceived possibility of motherhood, has on a woman's career.

In other political news:

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