Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dispatches about Disease, Debunking and Divorcing: Relevant Health News Flash

The intersection of the miracle of the human body and the dogged determination of science can be dazzling, and at times disillusioning. In the battles that rage between those that feel science devalues the natural, and those that feel science enables the natural through understanding, there should be a middle ground that allows for a third way, one that values and protects the natural, yet utilizes the wisdom gleaned from disciplined study and discovery. My humble opinion.

Dispatches from around the health headlines:
  • If you've got some time, read the in depth article from The New York Times chronicling cancer treatment while pregnant, which reveals unbelievable options being used, and the grace and grit of mothers facing motherhood and mortality in an immediate way that we all hope never to have to attempt.
  • Check out the groundbreaking methods being used to spot breast cancer.
  • Another really stunning miracle of anatomy and medicine is found in a story of a woman who delivered a baby successfully that had implanted outside of her uterus.
  • More is coming to light in understanding the mechanism of ovulation, and the role of a brain protein affecting fertility, which will hopefully yield valuable insights that may help those challenged to conceive.
  • The breast vs. bottle battleground in the news recently points to the confusing messages that mothers get in many hospitals, where they may get a pro-breastfeeding message before check-out, only to be sent home with some formula. The Natural News reports that recommendations have recently been changed that recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, rather than the previous guidelines that advised that solid foods could be introduced between four and six months.
  • Vaccines and the public relations battle. Recently a key British study that was cited by those that sought to prove a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine, was disproved, and called a "hoax." This has bolstered the PR fight that seeks to convince parents that the vaccines are safe, and that those who do not vaccinate constitute a fringe group among parents.
  • Something that started out as an effort to save lives, including fire retardant compounds in just about everything, may be making us sick, especially our young children. In a recent study by The Environmental Working Group, a research and advocacy organization, proof of an alarming unintended and horrifying danger to our overall health was further substantiated, with particular risk found for the especially vulnerable systems of young children.
  • The saying, "If momma isn't happy, then nobody is happy" is being found to be more true than you know. A link is now seen between the level of stress that a mother experiences and the obesity rates in children.
  • Finally, more proof that prospective spouses of the future may be asked to undergo a genetic vetting process. Researchers have claimed to have found a "divorce gene."

Love, medicine and miracles...and a genetic sample if your please?

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