Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coping with Germs and Allergies Plus Breastmilk Cuisine: Relevant News Flash

  • In two months we've been through two cold like bugs in our household. This can't be a good sign for the winter. But, short of sealing your family in a hermetically sealed giant Ziploc, germs just happen. The folks at offer some general guidelines for the germaphobe and the realists among us.
  • Living with food allergies is tough, especially when your kids suffer. Normal childhood food angst is escalated when allergies are a part of the picture. A new study is showing that getting help and support is essential to cope with the situation.We all know it, or hopefully we do, but yet curbing the impulse to argue in front of your children can be awfully difficult to control. An advice columnist gives some specific advice to put into action.
  • By now you have probably heard about PETA's call to Ben & Jerry's to start using human breastmilk, and here is where the idea first gained some public relations momentum last week in Switzerland where a restaurant serves dishes with breastmilk.
  • In the never ending quest for ideas about feeding the kids well, I came across this the blog WeeklyBento with some yummy, creative and healthy meal ideas to pack for the kids. They even look good for the mom!
  • Came across a profile for a mom who saw a need and did something about it. Meet the Bay Area's own Lisa Klein, who takes gently used infant items, and gets them into the hands that really need them, one box at a time!

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