Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can Manolos For Babies Be Far Off?: Relevant Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends from the last several days:
  • I don't usually bring celebrity parenting news to you because frankly it is covered very well elsewhere; however, this article about the actress Natascha McElhone is worth a read in my opinion. She is best known for her role as the romantic interest in the movie The Truman Show, and as George Clooney's wife in Solaris. Just about to give birth to her third child, the interview movingly covers how she has carried on with her two boys after the sudden death of her husband this spring, and relates a true love story, and a truly lovely spirit whom you will root for and gain inspiration from.
  • Baby high heels: cute or gone to far? Decide for yourself.
  • Moving is never easy, and it is especially hard for children, especially when they are separated long distances from their best buddies. One couple explored what happened when their child's best friend moved away.
  • Some people may wish that they could drop off their pre-teen and teenaged children and surrender them to someone else to deal with, but all kidding aside a "safe haven" law in Nebraska was recently used by two guardians (independent of one another) to surrender their kids to hospitals because they could no longer care for them. Legislators are fluxomed and say they never intended the expanded law to be used in such a fashion. A very sad commentary on the times.
  • To make things a little better after reading that last one, read this mother's commentary on making it through the years with her teenaged sons, where nothing is straightforward, except a mother's love.
  • You've heard of workplaces that allow their employees to bring their pets to work, but how about their infants? With mother's increasingly looking for and demanding better work life balances in their careers, a few firms are taking them seriously and using it as a recruiting and retention strategy. A San Jose, CA firm allows their employees to bring their infants to work with them. I wondered how anything got done in the office, and then I realized, oh yes, I grapple with this issue everyday, working from my home! An interesting development to be sure.
  • I came across this story a while back. As school starts, many parents have had to contend with when to start their young children in school, and juggling different schedules for different children. Consider a woman in the U.K., whose twins were born 45 minutes apart, but technically on different days, which by U.K. law requires that they start school in different years since the days were the cut-offs for how they determine school start dates. Yes, you read years!

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