Monday, September 22, 2008

53,000 Chinese Children Now Sickened by Tainted Milk Products

Yet another strong cautionary tale is becoming an epic debacle in China. Nearly 53,000 children and infants have now been sickened by Chinese milk products containing melamine, and at least four have now died as a result.

Although Chinese authorities are once again rushing to address the situation, quiet outcries, and allay fears, it is once again an after the fact exercise. This latest example casts strong doubts not only upon the government, but upon the very ethics of the Chinese business establishment.

It's important to note that no Chinese dairy products are currently allowed in the U.S. However, the remarkable suffering of Chinese families, recently grieving the loss of nearly 10,000 children in school collapses in the earthquake earlier this year resulting from allegedly substandard school building construction, and now over 53,000 of it's own children sickened, understandably further raises the concerns of worldwide consumers about the safety of other Chinese products.

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