Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Needs a Parachute When You Have a Diaper?: Relevant News Flash (8:9)

Kids, and people acting like kids:
  • I may have sounded the clarion call of victory a wee bit soon for the Tomato Tots, those young sisters (one is three) who are fighting for the right to earn a little extra money for college, or a smoothie, by selling some nice home grown veggies from a card table on their front lawn. The mayor of the city is crying foul and claiming the city's planning commission is breaking the law by making an exception for the kids. The stew thickens.
  • Enterprising kids can be hard to come by these days, and maybe it comes down to no longer having chores? In fact the lack of chores these days has all kinds of ramifications for society, including philanthropy and having a stable marriage. Delegate moms and dads, delegate! Your country needs change, so do your part and assign the laundry.
  • Soon we shall have to wrap them in bubble wrap. A school in Australia recently banned cartwheels and somersaults due to safety concerns. They are reviewing the decision after parents declared, "let my kid tumble!" OK, I made up that last part, but the article does make the point that other Australian obsessions such as soccer, cricket and tennis, carry equal levels of risk.
  • Diaper defies death! The only thing that saved a toddler who tumbled from a window recently, was a diaper that caught on the way down and slowed his descent.
  • Libraries get tough on library crime! Recently a woman went to jail for failing to pay her library fine, and now a grandmother is going to jail because she refuses to return a book that she considers offensive. I reiterate, don't cross the librarian!

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