Monday, August 4, 2008

When the Nursery is a Prison and Bloating the American Dream by Way of Sedentariness: Relevant News Flash (8:2)

Welcome to a new week of news you can hopefully use. Personally speaking, I'm sending out a hope to the universe that this week will improve upon the last, which was lousy! It's eerie to have a week wherein one's horoscopes and the message of my pastor's Sunday sermon hits straight between the eyes. The Universe is trying to tell me something apparently, and as usual I'm being thick-headed.

But I digress, here are some highlights of news from around our Universe, or just planet earth at least. I haven't been able to Google a Martian news feed as of yet, more's the pity!
  • Separation from a parent, particularly a mother, can be devastating to a child. Add to this the dangers of living in a country at war, and the stakes become considerably higher. In Afghanistan, there are 226 young children, from infants to young adults, who live in prison with their incarcerated mothers. The conditions are bleak, but the mother's insist that it is the only way to keep their children safe. A compelling article.
  • Females are indeed a formidable force, and educating them is essential to economic progress reports New York investment bank, Goldman Sachs, in a paper given to it's clients. Cindy McCain recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal chronicling the significant advances in that Rwanda being driven by women.
  • Speaking of possible first ladies, Michelle Obama says that her most important role is "Mom-In-Chief," in an article in Ebony magazine, as she contemplates becoming a first lady. She also has some interesting things to say about women and parenting issues she would like to see addressed.
  • Since we are on the subject of politics, I'll insert one particular item of interest. McCain's ads have been much ballyhooed, by myself included, but are Obama's any better? An interesting article analyzing a recent Obama attack ad seems to underscore that, whichever party you choose, it's all smoke and mirrors and manipulated context. Both men are notoriously either vague, or close to the vest about specifics, so let's hope that the conventions bring some clarity to the positions. One can be naively hopeful, right?
  • Shifting gears to health and medicine news, an interesting report about how an innovative video game is aiding in helping to increase the rate at which young cancer patients take their needed courses of medications.
  • Give me your tired, your poor...and we shall make them eat unhealthy diets and induce them to live sedentary lives, is not quite what our idealistic framers envisioned for America, but a large study has concluded that this is a distressing reality for children of immigrants, and has serious implications for health care in our country.
  • I have learned the value of checking eye sight early in life, as I have a "lazy eye" which was not diagnosed until I was an adult, but which I have had since birth. Essentially what happens is that your brain rewires itself to compensate for the eye which is not pulling its own weight, but in many severe cases, can progress to all out blindness in that eye. It can however be caught and addressed before the age of nine, as this seems to be the brain's cutoff for any tinkering in a developing body. Some children have such a severe issue that they require lens correction. It is a tall order to ask a young child to allow you to put a contact lens in their eye. Therefore, a surgically implanted lens has been developed to address this issue in the very young.
  • Americans love to delegate. If you love to plan, there is a person who just doesn't want to handle the details ready to hire you. Wedding planners, move aside, the next celebrity assistant is, the Baby Planner. Now, I'm a do-it yourself-er, and you can tell I like to research, but I can relate to my sisters in arms who would rather outsource stroller research and acquisition!
  • To follow-up previous posts about the AMA's efforts to restrict women's birthing choices, here is some more in depth reporting to consider.
  • I have a love hate relationship with warehouse clubs in general, but an article cautions to make sure what you are getting is actually a value.
  • Finally, it seems almost a bad word: unambitious. But, what's wrong with wanting just enough, and not conforming to the need to succeed? One man recounts wandering along the unplanned path.

This driven gal is going to put it in park for now.

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