Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Way to Squash A Kid's Business Plan: Relevant Quickies

Odds and ends in no particular order:
  • Education, a step back? Many advocate separating boys and girls in public schools, claiming that it allows the kids to focus better, without some of the social pressures, as well as allows lesson plans to be tailored to the different learn styles of males and females. And, many advocate pulling back on our push for public pre-K education, cautioning that it does more harm than good.
  • Vaccine debate. Health officials are raising the alarm about the increase in measles cases. Dr. Sears weighs in on flu shots. The cervical cancer vaccine, Guardasil is highly controversial, and expensive. A lot of marketing money is flowing to ensure this vaccine campaign's success, but questions linger about it's overall effectiveness and value.
  • Business is tough all over, even for the budding young entrepreneur! Two young girls' produce stand (think lemonade, but with nice watermelons and zucchini) in Clayton, CA have been shut down for violating zoning laws. They are not allowing themselves to be squashed (sorry, couldn't resist), and vow to fight the ridiculous action. They're selling home grown fruits and vegetables people, they're not part of the problem, they are good role models!
  • Meanwhile, the FDA has just said that many of your everyday produce items can now be irradiated, without your knowledge. Makes the kids' stand look better and better, now doesn't it?
  • A proposed change in the legal drinking age, from 21 to 18, is causing a mighty furor. But, even those that signed the Amethyst Initiative petition concede that the culture may not yet be ready to acknowledge what they clearly see as reality. Critics claim that not enough "proactive prevention" has been applied to the issue, and don't see the move as making any impact without it.
  • A similar lack of proactive prevention, as well as an unraveling familial and social fabric are being blamed for the recent deaths of three teens on a Wyoming Indian Reservation.
  • Has responsibility for one's actions, as well as consideration for others, also known as "manners," just completely gone out the window, one mom asks? If you are similarly concerned,, has some solutions for you. And, if you are interested in getting your kids involved in charitable endeavors, check out the recommendations from Ann Marsh.
  • Childhood development experts caution children to avoid TV until the age of three, but recent programming channels targeted towards infants and toddlers are gaining viewers. France has aggressively moved to limit this programming, and mandate warning messages on the programs to deter the parent.
  • Tax experts advise couples to adopt domestically.
  • While changes have been made, the Bush Administration's new regulations regarding contraception and abortion claim to have the specific intent of shielding medical professionals and institutions from being forced to practice procedures they find morally objectionable. Critics, however, claim that it is still too vague, and will lead to a decrease in proper access to medical care for women. Also, it would weaken some states regulations that prohibit the denial of contraceptive or abortion coverage to those employed by institutions that disagree with such practices.
  • Check out this strong argument for choice in birthing.
  • Off topic, but useful nonetheless: be aware of a jury duty scam according to the FBI. The identity thieves threaten to have you jailed for skipping duty you were unaware of.

There's your arresting news flash!

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