Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three Babies and You are Out!: World Relevance

The world where we live:
  • The earthquakes in China killed thousands, and nearly 5,000 of those deaths were children who were attending schools in what many claim were buildings built in a substandard fashion, due to graft and corruption. As I have previously written, the tragedy of the loss of their children is compounded by the parents' loss of their right to seek and get answers and accountability. The Chinese government is so keen to hush them, they have coerced and threatened many into accepting a payout in exchange for their silence. It's either take the pay-out, or be cut off from the government that feeds you. No choice at all really. But, many parents still manage to fight to seek justice for a grief that will not be silent.
  • In China officials argue that they should get eco credit for their one child policy, as leading environmental groups call for families around the world to limit themselves to just two children, to preserve future resources. This is a hotly debated viewpoint, and it's not a simple issue either. There are many cultures that are now hitting population decline, such as the U.K. But proponents argue that a child born in a developed nation has a far higher eco footprint than those born in Africa for example, where five children is currently the average.
  • A shift is occurring in Japan. Women are increasingly deferring having babies, and additionally they seek to avoid childish men as husbands who require servile babying. I think it's the result of recent generations of Japanese women that have read and loved Anne of Green Gables; makes them feistier.
  • U.S. women aren't the only female populace that struggles with the inequity of pay, especially when one becomes a mother. In Germany, women also are faced with hard choices regarding career and family.

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