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Relevant Cause: "Power of ONEsie"

Make sure that whomever the next President is knows how important the American family is, and understands the critical need to support and protect America's families with commonsense policy decisions.

Join, a political action organization advocating on behalf of women and families, in their "Power of ONEsie" display that they plan to feature at both political conventions.

Here is all the relevant information:

As you're wrapping up your summer, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are heading into their respective political conventions to receive their parties' nominations. Yet the pundits are mainly reporting on the war, the Olympics, and the price of gas. What's missing? You! Moms! Kids! Basically, family issues like fair wages, inflexible work hours, lack of paid sick days, and the astronomical cost of childcare/early learning.

From your very own living room or kitchen table, you can bring the voices of mothers and families to both the Democratic and Republican conventions and have your voice be heard by the media, the pundits, and the candidates.

HOW? Well, we have a simple, wacky, and yes also brilliant way to make a splash at the conventions. We're putting together an eye-catching (news-catching) "Power of ONEsie" display for the conventions, where each decorated baby onesie represents a mom, a dad, a child, a voice for families.

YOU CAN HELP- YES YOU! Just take a moment to decorate a baby onesie with your message to the candidates and send it to us (full explanation & directions below), or simply buy one here for us to decorate & display for you:

Remind the pundits, the parties, the press, the people, and the candidates that families across our nation are struggling and need our attention, that nearly a quarter of families with children under age six are living in poverty, that a baby is born every 41 seconds without health care coverage, that too many parents can't afford adequate childcare, and that women's wages are still stuck way below the wages of men. It's time for a change! We moms share these issues together, and we can solve them together.

THE POWER OF ONEsie: MomsRising will showcase a fabulous chain of mom-decorated baby onesies, the "Power of ONEsie" display, at the two national conventions, one in Denver and the other in Minneapolis to garner media attention, raise awareness, and prove to the candidates that real people care about these real issues.

In the display, each onesie signifies one person--mother, father, child, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or other who cares deeply about building a family-friendly America, but can't take time off work, or away from kids, to be at the conventions.

OUR REQUEST TO YOU IS SIMPLE: Help us build this chain by getting us your decorated baby onesie and we'll take it to Denver and Minneapolis. You can do this either by sending us your own creation, or by donating to get a onesie made for you with the easy link below. Creating something unique and eye-catching is an extremely effective way to catch the attention of the press, as well as a key way to move public opinion and expand understanding. It's a powerful way to help.


* CRAFTY OPTION: If you want to make your own ONEsie and send it to us, then simply get a new or used baby onesie (or a small kids t-shirt) and make it your own by decorating it with fabric paint, markers, or even rhinestones! We invite you to add catchy slogans ("Paid Family Leave or Bust," "Health care for All Kids," "Changing More than Diapers") or your hopes for the future. You can even get together with friends and have a ONEsie Party to decorate! Or decorate your ONEsie with your children, at play groups, with book clubs, or even while you're waiting for sports practice to end. After you've decorated your onesie, then... pop it in the mail to us! SNAIL MAIL YOUR CREATION TO: MomsRising, P.O. Box 19596, Seattle, WA 98109
- and/or-

* NON-CRAFTY OPTION (WE MAKE IT FOR YOU): You can buy a ONEsie from MomsRising online with one easy click, and we'll decorate it for you and add it to the Power of ONEsie project. Click here to buy your ONEsie for the project:

*Please invite your friends to participate in this effort by forwarding this email to them. Working together, we amplify our voices!
TIMELINE: We need to have as many onesies as possible to display at the Democratic Convention in Denver by August 25th -- that's 10 days from now.(!) So, make, or purchase, your ONEsie soon! But even if you can't make that deadline, we'll continue building onto our Power of ONEsie project to display at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis. We'll also use the display at the Presidential debates, and in specific states where the display can spark important conversations and remind our leaders that mothers and families are going to be visible participants calling for policies and programs that reflect the needs in our lives. We'll continue adding to the project as people continue donating onesies. Think Guinness Book of World Records long!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE -- HOW ONEsies WILL HELP: Do you remember the AIDS quilt? Long before the public began to pay attention to research and funding for a cure, people who were touched by AIDS, whether mothers, fathers, sons or daughters, told their story through this dramatic display. In Washington State, the Power of ONEsie display helped make Washington only the 2nd state in the country to pass family leave!
All eyes in America will be focused on the convention. Imagine, if they all see your voice represented, in the Power of ONEsie!

Get crafty and make a onesie, or buy (a crafty additional) one through us by clicking this link:
One by ONEsie, working together, we can show the nation that we moms are a creative and powerful force, as well as help our politicians to pay attention to issues which have too long been ignored.

-- Laura, Kristin, Katie, Joan, Ashley, and the whole MomsRising team

p.s. Let us know if you are planning to be at either of the Conventions by emailing We'd love to talk with you about helping with the display!

p.p.s. If you plan to decorate the onesies as a group, let us know, because we might just be able to get the media to cover your effort. In the past, the media has loved to cover such gatherings and then write stories about issues affecting moms. Please email us at, with the Subject line "Power of ONEsie."

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